Bare Buns California





Membership in BBC is open to all men over the age of 21 who attend an activity and make application to join, subject to approval of the Steering Committee. Members must fill out a membership application and must sign a liability waiver prior to being considered for membership. Applicants for membership must also read and agree to be bound by the BBC by-laws. First-time and renewal membership is currently $20 per person per year, valid through the end of the year you join. Membership renewals are $20 per person per year if paid prior to May 1st, and $25 per person per year if paid after May 1st of the year. There are no partial-year discounts. (Hardship accomodation may be available; ask for details.) Membership cards are not issued. Additional modest participation fees may be charged based on the scope of the event. Membership includes e-mail announcements of activities and changes to scheduled activities, and receipt of the BBC membership roster, pending the member's decision to be included in the roster. Members are expected to contribute to some aspect of the group's operations, which can include hosting an event, helping to host an event, participating in the Steering Committee functions, or helping to manage some basic function of the club. We welcome suggestions for activities and are always seeking new places to hold events. Non-members are welcome to participate, however participation fees at events and activities are usually greater for non-members than for members. We welcome inquiries about our group and about membership, and try to answer any questions submitted about gay socal nudism. If you have questions about membership, you may e-mail membership. To download an application to join, you can click here. We often receive questions about attending naturist events for the first time and have prepared this link to provide information on what to expect.  We will try to answer any additional questions via e-mail sent to our membership e-mail link above.