The BBC is a gay nudist group which is not clothing-optional.  Nudity is required at all events whenever possible.  As a courtesy to everyone, a towel is required at all events at all times, and should be used whenever seated.

First timers often worry about feeling self-conscious but these feelings usually disappear within the first few minutes of attending your first event.  Being around others who are nude really does create an atmosphere of comfort.  The members of the BBC are just like people everywhere else, representing various heights, weights, ages, ethnic groups, physical condition, etc.

The BBC is a "non-landed club," which means we do not own property or always meet at a specific location.  We meet at the homes of various members who are willing to offer their homes as a place to gather.  A "door person" is usually assigned for each event to greet newcomers and to check-in members.  Most events require an RSVP due to the space limits of the host or because food or other activities have to be planned.  At your first event, be sure to let the "door person" know you are new.  The BBC is a friendly club and its members are familiar enough with each other to realize when someone new is attending for the first time; but we like to make sure we provide an especially warm welcome to first-timers who may feel uncomfortable at their first event.

Privacy is often another concern for new members.  Although naturism and nudity are not illegal or inherently "sinful," some people feel that there remains a stigma attached to any nudist activities.  The BBC keeps its membership list confidential and members who do not want to be listed in our club roster are never listed.  Listing your name, address, or any other personal information in our club roster is optional.  Conversely, only those who are listed in the roster and who agree to keep the roster confidential are provided copies of the club roster.  In addition, our monthly newsletters are available on-line for those who do not want to receive mailings from the BBC.

Photography has also been discussed by new members. The BBC is very strict about preventing photography of anyone who does not want to be photographed.  Anyone who attends an event with a camera of any kind, including cell-phone cameras, must ask permission of everyone who will be in any photograph prior to taking any pictures.  Photos of club members which are to be used in the newsletter or on our website require a written release prior to publication.

Finally, there are the issues of erections and sex.  While erections are infrequent at BBC events, they can occur and are generally dismissed at a part of male existence.  First-timers sometimes ask what proper protocol is if they find themselves with an erection, and we can only assure new members that as gay males we have all seen erections previously and none of us will be shocked by the event.  Also, many first-timers find that being nude around other men is not as sexually charged as they might have anticipated.  Conversely, the issue of sex is one which many nudist clubs have been grappling with for years.  The stated goal of the BBC  is to be a social club which provides a social outlet for gay men.  We believe that open sex does interfere with this stated goal and we do not allow sex during our social functions.  Nonetheless, as gay males, sexuality is often an integral part of our existence; therefore, at some events and locations, the host is able and willing to provide a discrete area where intimate contact can occur.  Our club members are not all in agreement with this policy, but we believe it provides the best solution to keep our club viable.