Bare Buns California





 About us

Bare Buns California was founded in 1987 and is the longest established and largest club in San Diego for men who practice social nudism. We currently have a membership who share the belief that everything about the human body is natural and that the best place for men to appreciate being without clothing is in ordinary settings. We host activities both indoors and outdoors, usually at the homes of members, and are not clothing optional - - nudity is required at all functions, weather permitting.

Our activities vary from season to season and may include pool or hot tub parties, weekends in the mountains or desert, holiday parties, Black's Beach get-togethers, nude hikes, trips to local nudist resorts, and inclusion with the activities of other gay nudist groups. Like many gay naturist clubs, we struggle with the perception that the group is a sex club. Our social activities are designed to respect normal moral constraints; however, we also acknowledge the sexual openness of the gay culture and are not judgemental of individuals who may choose to seek privacy for personal encouters. At some activities, discrete areas are set up to allow for this.

Membership is open to all men over the age of 21 who make application to join, subject to approval of the Steering Committee. Membership is currently $20 per person for the first year for individuals. There are additional modest participation fees at some events to cover extra costs. Listing in the BBC roster is limited to those who wish to be included, and the roster is only distributed to those who are listed in the roster.

If you would like more information about BBC or about a specific event or activity, please contact us at: Info If you would like to inquire about membership, please contact us at: Membership.